Clounagh Junior High School

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"There's a panther in the school!"

Once in a blue moon, on the news, you'll hear a story about a "big cat" (such as a tiger or panther) being spotted on the loose in the countryside somewhere. So how does an animal like that make its way into our country? Often it was illegally imported as a young cub by a foolish family who wanted an exotic pet. Unfortunately such people don't have the foresight to consider how they'll cope when the cute little furball grows up into a fierce predator. So, to avoid the authorities, they let it loose into the wild. But what if the beast wanders out of the countryside and into your town? What if it wanders into your school?

Over the course of 2005/06, the school's Year 9 Filmmaking Club met each Wednesday afternoon to produce a movie about the scenario described above. The film's running time ended up being 18-minutes - twice as long as any previous film.

This morning, the film received a hearty round of applause from all of Year 8, who watched it during assembly. Congratulations to the members of the Filmmaking Club 2005/06: Adam Gordon, Andrew White, Sam Cheung, Andrew Taylor, Eddie Quin, and Arran Stanley, James Knight and Adam Chambers.

We now present Cat Trap online for your enjoyment ...

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